17/11/12 Burnham
Fears over graffiti plan for Burnham shutters

16/11/12 Exeter
Devon Police warn over rise in graffiti in Exeter

16/11/12 Kent
Paddock Wood shelter is daubed with wrong type of graffiti

04/11/12 Rotherham
Rotherham police ask for help to tackle graffiti tags

01/11/12 Leicester
Vandals spray graffiti on Age UK ambulance in Leicester causing thousands of pounds damage

01/11/12 Prestwich
Graffiti yobs hit cancer charity

31/10/12 Dundee
Dundee man admits vandalism spree that saw graffiti sprayed on Al-Maktoum College

30/10/12 Lancashire
Anger at Rishton vandal's 'love note' graffiti

26/10/12 Bristol
Take a walking tour through the history of Bristol's graffiti

21/10/12 Southampton
Police hunt vandals behind Southampton graffiti spree

20/10/12 Croydon
Norbury graffiti vandal admits causing damage worth £54,000

18/10/12 Pewsey
Anger over Nazi graffiti

18/10/12 London
Artist Employed by London Olympics Convicted of Graffiti Vandalism

16/10/12 Harrogate
Graffiti taggers sought by Harrogate police

15/10/12 Croydon
Graffiti vandal who caused £54k worth of damage is jailed

13/10/12 Jarrow
Man who sprayed graffiti onto postbox painted gold for Paralympic hero is spared jail

10/10/12 Swindon
Appeal following rise in graffiti in Swindon

09/10/12 Stonehenge
Stonehenge up close: digital laser scan reveals secrets of the past

08/10/12 Valencia
Restorers tackle obscene 17th-century graffiti on rediscovered frescoes

05/10/12 Perthshire
Graffiti culprits mindless

05/10/12 Loughborough
Graffiti spree sparks hunt by police

02/10/12 Manchester
What has happened to Manchester? Graffiti praising man accused of policewomen's murder appears at gangland funeral as police are forced to close TWENTY SEVEN pubs just to keep order

29/09/12 Redditch
Graffiti and anti-social behaviour solved

28/09/12 Balham
Police launch appeal to find racist graffiti culprit

25/09/12 London
Racist graffiti discovered in Balham

24/09/12 Belfast
Olympic medal winners trump anti-social graffiti

23/09/12 Luton
Racist graffiti in graveyard

17/09/12 UK
One in eight criminals escapes with only a 'Dixon of Dock Green' ticking-off for offences such as theft and graffiti

08/09/12 Lincoln
University of Lincoln students use graffiti skills to transform warehouse

08/09/12 Exeter
Fighting graffiti with graffiti

07/09/12 Oxford
Graffiti vandal taunts police with message

06/09/12 Sevenoaks
Graffiti vandals target skate park

01/09/12 London
Graffiti Artists Paint Babies to Prevent Rioting

18/08/12 Bristol
Bristol's graffiti artists throw a party

08/08/12 Sheffield
Graffiti defaces post-box painted gold for Ennis

24/07/12 London
Banksy gets into the Olympic spirit by painting mural of javelin thrower armed with missile

23/07/12 Bristol
Anti-EDL campaigner in court for graffiti slogan

21/07/12 Eastbourne
Information appeal on graffiti

21/07/12 London
Spot the difference! Banksy's most iconic graffiti recreated using human models as life mimics art

20/07/12 London
London 2012: the graffiti clampdown is like Versailles versus the sans-culottes

18/07/12 London
Graffiti artist banned from all Olympic sites

16/07/12 Dunbarton
Dumbarton Rock graffiti clean-up concern raised by climbers

14/07/12 Redditch
14-year-old youth given gloves and told to clean up graffiti

09/07/12 London
The culture of tube graffiti is dying

07/07/12 Plymouth
Plymouth bridge graffiti vandals are 'dicing with death'

06/07/12 UK
Graffiti on Go Compare ads fools residents

04/07/12 Harrow
Graffiti vandal who blighted Brent jailed for a year

04/07/12 Swindon
Workers gear up to clear graffiti backlog

02/07/12 Caterham
Caterham teen wants to put graffiti vandalism behind him

30/06/12 Oxford
Graffiti damage scars A34 underpass mural

24/06/12 Kelburn
Kelburn Castle's graffiti to be removed

14/06/12 Skegness
The Battle of Britain's beaches – Skegness depicts Brighton and Blackpool as graffiti covered eyesores

12/06/12 London
London’s Top Graffiti and Street Art Locations

11/06/12 Winchelsea
Graffiti is cause for celebration

10/06/12 Aylesbury
Graffiti-ridden underpass in Aylesbury undergoes Olympic refurb

10/06/12 South Wales
Graffiti artist caught after posting pics on internet

08/06/12 Hampshire
County's crackdown on graffiti crime

08/06/12 Bristol
Councillors hit back at Upfest graffiti criticism

07/06/12 Bristol
Bristol City Council criticised by Tories over graffiti festival

07/06/12 Oxford
Graffiti blights Olympic Torch route through Oxford

03/06/12 Burnham on Sea
Graffiti vandals leave Jubilee message on Highbridge Hotel hoardings

03/06/12 Durham
'Baffling' Durham City graffiti removed

02/06/12 Bristol
Banksy painting replaced by jubilee artwork in Bristol

02/06/12 Bristol
Graffiti festival celebrates the Diamond Jubilee

02/06/12 London
Banksy.. off the wall Actors pose like graffiti

29/05/12 Lyme Regis
The Banksy of the river: Elusive artist's latest work appears by a quiet countryside waterway

28/05/12 London
Park strife: ‘jobsworths’ scrub out Blur graffiti

28/05/12 Coventry
Coventry Telegraph Letters: Canal bridge graffiti put me off town

26/05/12 Devizes
Police probe ‘connected’ graffiti

24/05/12 Oxford
Shops graffiti spree sparks call for CCTV

24/05/12 Stonebridge
Coordinated effort could rid town of blight of graffiti

17/05/12 London
London's latest Banksy: graffiti artist's new work gets protection

15/05/12 London
'Banksy' Jubilee graffiti of sweatshop boy with sewing machine appears overnight at London bargain store... but who stole the bunting?

13/05/12 Glasgow
Writing’s on the wall for design agency office

12/05/12 Ebley
Swastika spray-painted on front door by vandals who targeted homes and cars

03/05/12 Gainsborough
Joseph Kony graffiti wall with gun-toting child soldiers placed next to playground

14/04/12 Bournemouth
Graffiti artist Jordan Rose in vow not to stop writing

14/04/12 South Wales
Cleaners apologise for yobs' obscene graffiti

13/04/12 York
Graffiti at St Leonard's Hospital 'attack on York heritage'

07/04/12 Watchet
Graffiti project a success in Watchet

02/04/12 UK
Labour would force vandals to clean up graffiti

31/03/12 Cheltenham
Graffiti artists to decorate Cheltenham's first free wall

23/03/12 Portishead
Fears graffiti will affect town's bloom award bid

23/03/12 London
Painting a pretty face on graffiti in London

19/03/12 West Midlands
Graffiti crime costs taxpayers thousands

19/03/12 Newcastle
Sir Bobby Robson memorial stone graffiti attack

13/03/12 Carlisle
Graffiti yobs target Carlisle shopping centre

10/03/12 Hull
Orchard Park graffiti: councillors pledge to step up action

03/03/12 Norwich
Norwich MP supports graffiti campaign at paint-out on Churchill Road

02/03/12 Cheltenham
Graffiti artists transform subway with marvellous murals

01/03/12 Cambourne
Graffiti hotspot is dealt with by the community

19/02/12 Glastonbury
St. Dunstan's School in Glastonbury victim of graffiti

14/02/12 Wellingborough
Racist graffiti scrawled on houses in Wellingborough

Copycat Banksy Graffiti flood UK Mainland

08/02/2012 Huddersfield
Local graffiti vandals in court after West Yorkshire spree they bragged about on Facebook

05/01/02 USA
Facebook graffiti artist set to pocket £126 million

21/01/12 Plymouth
Man who sprayed 50 graffiti tags in drunken spree banned from carrying paint for life

16/01/12 Mole Valley
Man arrested after graffiti crackdown in Mole Valley

16/12/12 South East
Graffiti vandal jailed for 15 months after £100k rail and tube damage

11/01/12 Bristol
Bristol graffiti vandal jailed for a year

08/01/12 Milton Keynes
Graffiti celebrates sales success

07/01/12 High Wycombe
Community conscious residents remove graffiti

06/01/12 Plymouth
Offenders clean up Plymouth vandalism by tackling tags

30/12/11 London
Banksy’s graffiti isn’t art, it’s an advert

29/12/11 Isle of Man
Obscene graffiti on historic monument

26/12/11 Nottingham
Protesters bungle graffiti attack on Ken Clarke

24/12/11 Earley
Goodbye Graffiti!

24/12/11 London
Graffiti yob walks free despite causing £200,000 of damage

23/12/11 Norwich
Graffiti campaign to continue in memory of Norwich community leader

16/12/11 Burnley
Burnley phantom graffiti appears in Brunshaw

14/12/11 Oxford
Man charged with causing graffiti damage in Oxfordshire

13/12/11 London
Man jailed for London Bridge and Waterloo railway graffiti

12/12/11 Bristol
Bristol graffiti vandal's 288 attacks cost thousands

08/12/11 Peterborough
Graffiti petition signed by 500 given to city council

02/12/11 Inverness
Graffiti to cover vehicles in Inverness arts project

27/11/11 Glasgow
Tikka look as Banksy strikes again

25/11/11 Leeds
'Nomadic' graffiti vandal went on England rampage

25/11/11 Burton
Graffiti attack on former Burton Museum building

24/10/11 Croydon
Croydon graffiti artists making their mark through the internet

22/11/11 Witney
Graffiti taggers are caught and fined

21/11/11 Watford
Kings Langley and Bovingdon graffiti reminiscent of art guerrilla Banksy

20/11/11 Ilkeston
Crackdown on graffiti

19/11/11 Croydon
Levels of graffiti have dropped because it's no longer 'cool', says Croydon councillor

18/11/11 Porthmadog
Girl, 13, admits Porthmadog war memorial graffiti

15/11/11 Newbury
Newbury's mystery giraffe graffiti causing stir

15/11/11 Castle Cary
Police search for graffiti artist

13/11/11 Croydon
Anti-graffiti varnish wipes smile off vandals' faces

12/11/11 Widnes/Runcorn
Residents invited to report vandalised grot spots in Halton

12/11/11 Peterborough
City centre graffiti woman spared jail term

10/11/11 Paignton
Graffiti 'tag' clue to Paignton beach hut vandalism

05/11/11 Swindon
Graffiti walls are not wanted here

03/11/11 Plymouth
Five year ASBO for vandal who covered Plymouth in graffiti

02/11/11 Stockton
Stockton teenagers made to clean up their own graffiti

01/11/11 Edinburgh
‘Despicable’ graffiti left for two years

28/10/11 Gloucester
Police 'graffiti' arrest numbers on Gloucester streets

18/10/11 Norwich
Norwich graffiti campaign is hailed a success

17/10/11 Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire church graffiti images released

16/10/11 Sunderland
Two sought over Metro graffiti attacks

15/10/11 Salisbury
Crime fighing grannies have the yobs running scared

13/10/11 Bradford
Judge warns graffiti yobs to prepare for a jail term

12/10/11 Swindon
Town council asked to consider graffiti wall for youth

07/10/11 New Malden
New Malden mural to stop graffiti and ease crime vandalised

03/10/11 Hartlepool
Hartlepool mosque graffiti trio sentenced

03/10/11 Bristol
Banksy classic artwork defaced in Bristol as graffiti war re-erupts

01/10/11 Islington
Graffiti artists to show talents at Holloway festival

26/09/11 Taunton
Offenders volunteer for graffiti clean-up

26/09/11 Cardiff
Cardiff graffiti wall a 'constantly changing gallery'

18/09/11 Birmingham
Artist to daub graffiti on toilet walls at Birmingham's Ikon Gallery

18/09/11 Taunton
Banksy influence blamed by mayor for spate of graffiti in Taunton

18/09/11 London
Focus on: Banksy art at auction

14/09/11 Taunton
Appeal to catch war memorial graffiti yob

12/09/11 Peterborough
Graffiti attack on Town Hall and city centre

22/08/11 Bristol
Banksy graffiti 'should be listed' argues university

22/08/11 Thetford
Graffiti brightens up building work in Thetford

21/08/11 Leeds
Youths made to remove Hunslet cemetery graffiti

Tree-mendous: The astonishing cobweb 'yarnbombing' that took graffiti knitter three months

14/08/11 Thrapston
Teenagers embrace urban art

13/08/11 Oxford
Racist graffiti scratched on cars in Oxford

10/08/11 Newcastle
Graffiti vandal 'blocks' Wallsend track to target Metro

06/08/11 Chatham
Grammar Man strikes again!

03/08/11 Edinburgh
Teens charged over graffiti spree after schools tip-off

03/08/11 Coventry
Postman convicted of racially abusing Murray via graffiti

26/07/11 Avon Gorge
Removing Avon Gorge graffiti 'could damage plants'

22/07/11 London
A working life: The graffiti artist

15/07/11 Cambridge
Graffiti gang caused damage worth £70k in Norfolk and Cambridge

15/07/11 Bristol
Banksy's Gorilla in a Pink Mask is painted over

04/07/11 Kent
Who, What, Why: How do you graffiti-proof public art?

04/07/11 Norwich
Graffiti-busting work in Norwich

02/07/11 Bristol
Graffiti vandals strike again at pool just hours after clean-up

27/06/11 Nottingham
Man sprays anti-mosque graffiti at West Bridgford site

08/06/11 London
Will this be the end of Tox? Graffiti artist dubbed 'scourge of the underground' facing prison for scrawling simplistic tags across London

27/05/11 Lancashire
App to tackle flytipping, vandals and graffiti

21/05/11 Selby
Adam Blythe jailed for Cliffords Tower graffiti

15/05/11 Sydney, AU
Councils write off graffiti walls

14/05/11 Bristol
Teenager who daubed symbol on walls and skate ramps is told to pay his debt to society

10/05/11 Peterborough
Werrington skate park plagued by graffiti and litter

05/05/11 York
Yorkshire graffiti gang trio are jailed

04/05/11 Lancashire
Graffiti train gang jailed for eight months

11/04/11 London
Famous London film settings get the graffiti art treatment

How litter and graffiti can poison our minds by turning us more racist and homophobic

01/04/11 Salford
Salford graffiti palace to be destoryed

29/03/11 London
Rail graffiti artist gets 20 months

27/03/11 Ammanford
A Smart graffiti project

27/03/11 Marlborough
Graffiti cans at the ready in Marlborough

22/03/11 York
Graffiti vandals target Clifford's Tower in York

22/03/11 London
Royal wedding graffiti appears in London but is it a Banksy?

20/03/11 Hull
Hull graffiti website captures offenders

17/03/11 Guernsey
Guernsey south coast cliff face sprayed with graffiti

14/03/11 Norwich
Norwich is hit by graffiti menace

14/03/11 Cardiff
Plaid must clean up ‘graffiti’ ads

13/03/11 Winchester
Graffiti exhibition in Winchester

10/03/11 London
Londoners can report 'grime-crime' by mobile and online

28/02/11 Tockholes
Erase the graffiti, Jake say Tockholes residents

27/02/11 Norfolk
Norfolk Graffiti project wins national award

26/02/11 Kidderminster
Subway Deluxe bring Banksy-type art to Kidderminster

17/02/11 Woking
Ypod strikes new graffiti workshop deal

05/02/11 Norfolk
Writing on the wall for North Walsham graffiti artist

31/01/11 Clacton
Vandals spray crude graffiti

20/01/11 Wells
Binham Priory discovery of giant medieval graffiti

17/01/11 Biggleswade
Biggleswade graffiti spree: teenagers arrested

15/01/11 Tadcaster
Blitz on fly-tipping and graffiti in Tadcaster

12/01/11 UK
Graffiti artists become more inventive as the corporate world has tried to muscle in

08/01/11 Oxford
Oxford author launches book of Argentine street art

05/01/11 Kings Langley
Vandal puts unwelcome graffiti stamp on village

31/12/10 Leamington Spa
Cars sprayed in Christmas Eve graffiti spree

30/12/10 Keighley
Graffiti wall call by artist Matthew

27/12/10 Barcelona
Barcelona shopkeepers face fines over graffiti decoration

24/12/10 Neath
Graffiti boy, 10, is forced to clean up his work in front of village

23/12/10 Hamilton
Seven cars daubed with Hamilton youth gang graffiti

23/12/10 Chichester
Father Christmas graffiti shock at Chichester’s County Hall

23/12/10 Keighley
Graffiti artist’s ‘mindless crime’

21/12/10 Perth and Kinross
Two years to repay 4k for graffiti spree

18/12/10 Corsham
Skate park life on Corsham shelter wall

18/12/10 Bradford upon Avon
Have a say on Bradford on Avon graffiti wall plan

16/12/10 Southampton
Southampton sees Banksy graffiti on four-wheeled cycles

13/12/10 London
Eric Pickles to rip up posters and graffiti

11/12/10 Amesbury
Graffiti wall for Amesbury

10/12/10 London
Graffiti artist Ben Eine embraces the art world

Con or can do. What to make of Thierry Guetta, hyperactive Frenchman

08/12/10 Edinburgh
Businesses left to count cost of gang's graffiti rampage

02/1202/10 Leicester
Graffiti taggers hit part of Leicester

29/11/10 London
Councillor's rage at graffiti vandals

25/11/10 Carlisle
Teenager charged over Carlisle graffiti vandalism

25/11/10 London
Graffiti vandal jailed after H&F train station and depot attacks

24/11/10 London
Hungerford Bridge graffiti vandal jailed for "wanton damage"

20/11/10 Doncaster
Doncaster police start anti-graffiti campaign

17/11/10 Black Country
Councils graffiti clean-ups cost £290,000

17/11/10 Colwyn Bay
Hunt is on for Colwyn Bay graffiti vandals

17/11/10 Cowes
Graffiti vandalism 'will not be tolerated'

Popular garage falls victim to graffiti vandals

16/11/10 Wolverhampton
Memorial graffiti girl shopped by her own mother

15/11/10 Derby
Derby's Mackworth estate blighted by graffiti

14/11/10 Bradford upon Avon
Bradford on Avon plans a graffiti wall

12/11/10 Wincanton
Police want to find graffiti artist tagged Blaze

09/11/10 England
Graffiti art divides councils' opinion

09/11/10 Leeds
Leeds memorial to shot policeman vandalised

07/11/10 Hastings
Moose (aka Paul Curtis) and Marc Cameron's innovation: eco graffiti

06/11/10 Milton Keynes
Teenagers' art for charity was accidentally washed away by council workers...who thought it was just graffiti

04/11/10 Lancaster
Residents unhappy with graffiti art project

04/11/10 West Lancashire
West Lancashire council fights back against graffiti

03/11/10 London
Banksy film wins documentary gong

01/11/10 Brightlingsea
Graffiti is no laughing matter in Brightlingsea

31/10/10 Alconbury
Graffiti attack on minister's home

27/10/10 Helston
Graffiti a problem in Helston

26/10/10 Hackney
ROAs graffiti rabbit faces removal by Hackney council

24/10/10 Canterbury
Graffiti yob is locked up

24/10/10 Beverley
Graffiti clean-up in Beverley renaissance project

22/10/10 Sudbury
Graffiti-busting mother so upset by scrawls around town she spent 8,500 on to buy council machine to clean walls

19/10/10 Torbay
Has graffiti artist Banksy checked in at Torquay hotel

16/10/10 Needham
Graffiti will cost £4,000 to remove

15/10/10 Oxford
Copycat graffiti tagger 'Soak' wrecks Botley mural

14/10/10 Nottingham
Anti-cuts graffiti painted on Nottingham County Hall

10/10/10 London
The graffiti knitting epidemic

10/10/10 Brighton
Book published - "Brighton's Street Art and Graffiti"

08/10/10 Norfolk
Historian seeks to protect fascist graffiti

08/10/10 Wolverhampton
Girl arrested over graffiti on Wolverhampton Cenotaph

08/10/10 Southend
Man who filmed own graffiti jailed

08/10/10 Edinburgh
City looks at losing graffiti and flytipping clean-ups

05/10/10 Cardiff
Graffiti clampdown sees streets cleaned

04/10/10 South Shields
Hunt for graffiti vandals

02/10/10 Oxford
Police make arrest in hunt for 'Soak' graffiti artist

02/10/10 Norwich
Graffiti ads on Norwich pavements

01/10/10 Crieff
Crieff councillor in graffiti cover up

13/09/10 Manchester
Restorative justice scheme for Greater Manchester

08/09/10 London
BBC Blast - workshop teaching responsible graffiti stencil art

06/09/10 Folkestone
Mosaics transform pedestrian subway

06/09/10 Ayrshire
Historic Scotland orders removal of graffiti artwork from Scottish castle

05/09/10 Hartlepool
Teesside street focus of two-day clean-up

05/09/10 Ayrshire
Graffiti has to go at Kelburn Castle, insists heritage body

Banksy in his own Words

03/09/10 Caerphilly
Rock band calls for fans to stop graffiti campaign

30/08/10 Sheffield
Tracked: Rail police hunt graffiti vandal Bloodaxe

27/08/10 Kenilworth
Graffiti cleaned up in Kenilworth drink and drugs den

27/08/10 Woburn
Live graffiti exhibition in Woburn

25/08/10 Bideford
New graffiti wall at north Devon skate park

24/08/10 Cardiff
Photos of RoxeJam Graffiti event in Cardiff

24/08/10 Ipswich
Youngsters in Suffolk are being taught how to improve their graffiti skills by an established artist

22/08/10 London
London estate transformed into urban graffiti gallery

14/08/10 Oxford
Graffiti vandal strikes again

11/08/10 Bromsgrove
Man charged over racist graffiti in Worcestershire

03/08/10 Huntingdon
Young people's graffiti art project at Grafham water

01/08/10 Bideford
Graffiti Cleanup in Holsworthy

30/07/10 Tiverton
Spray you'll marry me

21/07/10 London
British PM Brings the Funk With Graffiti Gift for Obama

20/07/10 London
Graffiti artist jailed for 40,000 spree

20/07/10 Belfast
Belfast bombarded by graffiti knitters

19/07/10 Campbelltown
Campbelltown graffiti crime in decline

18/07/10 Wiltshire
Wiltshire to be 'cleaned up by offenders'

17/07/10 Bicester
Children teach pensioners how to graffiti

17/07/10 Wirral
International graffiti vandal who caused damage to trains on Wirral sentenced

12/01/10 Nottingham
Offenders help clean up graffiti from adventure centre

12/07/10 Uxbridge
Graffiti vandal jailed for Tube damage

27/06/10 London
Ben Eine's alphabet street

26/06/10 Singapore
Swiss man caned and jailed for five months for graffiti

19/06/10 Laindon
Ten-year-old vandals on graffiti rampage

19/06/10 Aberdeen
Graffiti vandal locked up over breach

14/06/10 Bristol
World Cup tribute painted on Knowle West house

10/06/10 Singapore
Subway firm sorry for graffiti lapse in Singapore

08/06/10 Singapore
Singapore graffiti Briton sought

04/06/10 Coleraine
New mural replaces old graffiti in Coleraine

31/05/10 Dundee
Residents clean up their act to tackle graffiti problem on Dundee city streets

21/5/10 Stamford
Vandalised graffiti wall restored to former glory

12/05/10 Bromsgrove
Two bailed over racist graffiti in Bromsgrove

02/05/10 London
Students' graffiti to welcome Bucks New University visitors

01/05/10 Burton on trent
Muslim walks free as court told Osama bin Laden graffiti 'not religiously motivated'

30/04/10 London
Catch them if you can: A rare glimpse of London's graffiti elite

25/04/10 Kidderminster
New graffiti art for Kidderminster canal tunnel

25/04/10 Iraq
Troops 'photographed Iraq graffiti'

22/04/10 Camden
Canal bank graffiti war goes on

21/04/10 Plymouth
Textile graffiti artist strikes at Plymouth sundial

10/04/10 Grantham
Kids get new play area in Dysart Park

31/03/10 Bristol
Racist graffiti daubed on veterans' graves in Bristol

06/03/10 Stamford
Church 'saddened' by racist graffiti attack

03/03/10 Cambridge
Vandal forced to clean up own graffiti

27/02/10 Cardiff
Gallery for graffiti artists opens in Cardiff

26/02/10 Canterbury
Student charged over 'Oreo' graffiti tag in Canterbury

22/02/10 Scottish Borders
Eco graffiti attack on Scottish Borders Council HQ

20/02/10 Stoke-On-Trent
Teenagers paint a pretty graffiti picture in city centre

14/02/10 London
Online map launched to aid London street cleaning teams

11/02/10 Lyme Regis
'Children of the night' in seafront graffiti blitz

11/02/10 Canterbury
Graffiti tag suspect is arrested in Canterbury

02/02/10 Exmouth
Exmouth police appeal for help tracing graffiti vandals

31/01/10 Winsford
Three teenagers caught over graffiti

29/01/10 Basildon
Graffiti team cleans up

28/01/10 Halifax
Man arrested over 'Hoax' graffiti spree in valley towns

23/01/10 Leicester
Graffiti vandals target up to 15 shops in Birstall

16/01/10 Solihull
Teenage graffiti vandals made to repaint underpass

12/01/10 Blackpool
Name "Dazzo" graffiti menace to earn 100 from Lancashire police

05/01/10 Wellingborough
Young criminals to clean graffiti

05/01/10 Colliers Wood
Colliers Wood cabbie targeted by racist graffiti

04/01/10 Watford
'Banksy' graffiti appears in Watford town centre

02/01/10 Huddersfield
Former brickworks hides colourful secret

02/01/10 London
Fines for minor offences set for increase to compensate victims

01/01/10 Scarborough
Graffiti vandal fails to pay any of his fine

01/01/10 Huddersfield
Graffiti artists daub seasonal message in Milnsbridge

31/12/09 St Ives
Spate of graffiti attacks in St Ives

29/12/09 London
Banksy in graffiti war with fellow street artist after painting over 24-year-old mural

26/12/09 Winchester
Winchester street artists getting good feedback for murals

24/12/09 Thanet
Graffiti crime shows a big drop

24/12/09 isle of Wight
Graffiti artist caught

23/12/09 Camden
Graffiti artist Banksy creates new works after Copenhagen climate summit

22/12/09 Glastonbury
Do you know this graffiti tag?

22/12/09 Cambridge
1,000-plus graffiti attacks result in 52 prosecutions

19/12/09 Norwich
13-year-old made to clean graffiti from play area

14/12/09 Ely
Court gives teenage graffifi "artist" an ASBO

07/12/09 Stoke Newington
Youths graffiti Stoke Newington home - with invite

07/12/09 Edenbridge
Graffiti vandal says 'I'm sorry'

06/12/09 Sussex
Graffiti wall plan could stop attacks

28/11/09 London
Microtrends: reverse graffiti

28/11/09 Croydon
Banksy fans move an entire wall - to save his work from, er, graffiti artists

28/11/09 London
270,000 Tube graffiti gang set for sentencing - CCTV footage of attacks

15/11/09 Exeter
Vandals apologise to congregation

04/11/09 Falkirk
Jailed neds to get 300K graffiti lessons

01/11/09 Birmingham
Birmingham Green Day graffiti fan caught red-handed

28/10/09 Chiltern
Council to fine dog foulers and graffiti vandals

22/10/09 Stirling
Vandals to clean street graffiti

21/10/09 Bangor
Wetland arsonists thought to be behind local graffiti

19/10/09 Colchester
Wall plants bid to tackle graffiti problem

14/10/09 Stonehaven
Graffiti vandals target cars and home

11/10/09 Halton
Reward for graffiti information

08/10/09 Isleworth
Graffiti trio admit spate of train vandalism

03/10/09 Lincolnshire
Library houses graffiti art show

14/09/09 Worthing
Worthing graffiti teenager praised by judge

14/09/09 Belfast
Vandals target 95-year-old's home

12/09/09 London
The graffiti artists making their mark on the city

08/09/09 Bristol
Bristol hosts the first graffiti Britain's Got Talent

08/09/09 Bistol
Council to hold graffiti referendums after Banksy mural backing

07/09/09 Yeovil
Graffiti vandals to clean up their markings

06/09/09 Wiltshire
Railway graffiti risks warning

04/09/09 Hackney
Blur Banksy is ruined by mistake

02/09/09 UK
Michael Bosanko's light graffiti brightens up the UK

31/08/09 Bristol
Public to decide art or graffiti?

31/08/09 Blackpool
Graffiti blight on Wyre

15/08/09 Bishop's Lydeard
Graffiti encouraged on underpass

13/08/09 Perth
Graffiti and fly posting tackled

03/08/09 Rome
Historic Rome marred by graffiti

02/08/09 Hampshire
Innovative way to nab graffiti vandals

01/08/09 Aberystwyth
Plea for £50,000 to save graffiti

23/07/09 Hampshire
Crimestoppers publishing graffiti tags directory to help stop Hampshire vandals

19/07/09 Berlin
Graffiti artists unite for Berlin mural

14/07/09 Midsomer Norton
Paper blames itself for graffiti

12/07/09 Newcastle
Graffiti vandals target landmark

27/06/09 Farnham
Officer surprises graffiti tagger

22/06/09 Watford
Graffiti artists in Watford clean up their act

18/06/09 Poynton
Graffiti yobs daub themselves in

17/06/09 Southwark
Australians jailed over graffiti

16/06/09 Nottingham
Nottingham graffiti pest jailed for vandalising Brian Clough statue

14/06/09 South Molton
Mosaic to tackle graffiti in South Molton

12/06/09 Kilmarnock
Graffiti menace jailed

12/06/09 Bristol
Graffiti star Banksy in secret art launch

11/06/09 Liverpool
An innovative new art project is set to go live next week in Liverpool

10/06/09 Canterbury
Video: Graffiti Vandals payback for their crimes

08/06/09 Harrow
Police tackle Rayners Lane graffiti blight

05/06/09 Cardiff
Criminals to clean up Birdies Lane graffiti

31/05/09 Worcestershire
Worcestershire youngsters go to the wall to beat graffiti artists

26/05/09 Nottingham
Clough statue vandal is well-known graffiti pest

25/05/09 Peterborough
Your pictures could help stop graffiti yobs

18/05/09 Henley
Graffiti vandal jailed

16/05/09 Henley
Racist graffiti on wall outside school

16/05/09 Hounslow
Council's campaign to wipe out graffiti in Hounslow

15/05/09 Wick
Police images show train graffiti

06/05/09 Cardiff
Cardiff blitz on graffiti

05/05/09 Surrey
Train graffiti vandal jailed for nine months

05/05/09 Henley on Thames
Check pupils artwork to find graffiti vandal

02/05/09 Ashington
Prayers for church paint vandals

30/03/09 Hounslow
Hounslow Council steps up street patrols in fight against graffiti

29/03/09 Yorkshire
Police on trail of graffiti tags

25/03/09 Bristol
Banksy's 'outdoor artwork' protected from graffiti with frame

27/02/09 Wigan
Vandal made to clean off graffiti

23/02/09 Dunstable
Graffiti vandals hunted by police

23/02/09 Cambridge
Getting graffiti art in the can

15/02/09 Oxford
Graffiti is light fantastic

14/02/09 London
Graffiti artists campaign outside high court

14/02/09 Harrow
Residents tackle graffiti, flytipping, and vandalism

13/02/09 Kings Lynn
School encourages graffiti by its pupils

13/02/09 Prestwich
Residents despair as Prestwich graffiti vandals strike once again

12/02/09 Cardiff
Artist creates 'light graffiti' with torch across British landscape

11/02/09 UK
The state should fund graffiti artists

02/02/09 Birmingham
Birmingham MP demands graffiti vandals clean up their own mess

26/01/09 North Bedfordshire
Clean-up teams target graffiti in five-day blitz

25/01/09 Bath
Vandals damage railway station

25/01/09 Weston
Offensive graffiti on cars

12/01/09 South Shields
Racist graffiti was worst we've ever seen

08/01/09 Trowbridge
Three quizzed over graffiti

06/01/09 Blackpool
Blackpool traders warned over graffiti

06/01/09 Exmoor
Graffiti leads to land girl party

04/01/09 Dundee
Dundee councillor acts over graffiti vandals

02/01/09 South Shields
Graffiti artists spruce up their school

02/01/09 Skipton
'Bored' teenager's Skipton graffiti

01/01/09 Blackpool
Disgust at racist graffiti on shops

31/12/08 Crosby
New graffiti teams may be brought in to clean up Crosby and Waterloo

31/12/08 Dundee
Dundee councillor slams West End graffiti

30/12/08 Worthing
Graffiti tags blight Worthing seafront

29/12/08 St Albans
Vandals daub gravestones with graffiti

25/12/08 Carrickfergus
The writing is on the wall for graffiti gang

24/12/08 Malvern
Guilty: graffiti vandals who were traced to website

24/12/08 Islington
Graffiti vandals internet boasts

23/12/08 Colchester
Patrols score success in fight against graffiti vandals

23/12/08 Ballymena
Writing's on the wall for graffiti

23/12/08 Thanet
Graffiti scheme being taken into classes

22/12/08 Cleckheaton
Sickening graffiti at memorial

20/01/09 North Wales
Deputy Chief calls for graffiti in North Wales to be "wiped out"

17/12/08 London
Graffiti vandal sentenced for causing damage across South London

16/12/08 London
Kids asked to daub graffiti on wall - but do they need asking?

13/12/08 Peterborough
Artist gives youngsters a helping hand with graffiti

10/12/08 Rye
Rye Harbour hit by graffiti spree

10/12/08 Newcastle
£50 reward for graffiti help

Appeal for South Harrow graffiti vandals

09/12/08 York
York museum reveals prisoners graffiti

08/12/08 Portsmouth
Young offenders brush up well for graffiti work

07/12/08 London
Fafi: spraying power

05/12/08 London
Graffiti and God

02/12/08 Liverpool
Banksy graffiti doubles derelict pub's value

01/12/08 London
Graffiti artist Temper showcased at London's Banqueting House

28/12/08 Moray
Church disgust at obscene graffiti

24/11/08 Weston super Mare
Police warn over graffiti vandals

11/11/08 Swindon
Graffiti is still blighting our towns and villages

09/11/08 Chiswick
Despicable attack leaves church covered in graffiti

08/11/08 Northampton
Northampton graffiti art is a big hit

04/11/08 Eden Project
Graffiti in the garden

03/11/08 Birmingham
Moseley councillor Martin Mullaney vows to curb graffiti vandals

01/11/08 Bolton
Graffiti artists give shelter a new look

01/11/08 Newcastle
Monument Metro station targeted by graffiti yobs

24/10/08 London
It's vandalism, not art, says council as it bans Banksy

21/10/08 Wickford
Man urges police to catch graffiti vandal

21/10/08 Norwich
City banks targeted by graffiti artists

21/10/08 Basildon
£75 fine for littering and graffiti in Basildon hotspots

20/10/08 Caerphilly
Graffiti clean up

20/10/08 London
Grime writers

20/10/08 Hull
£140,000 to remove graffiti in Hull

18/10/08 Brent
Council aims to wipe out graffiti

15/10/08 Wadebridge
3,000 graffiti wall vandalised by disgruntled taxpayer

14/10/08 Edinburgh
City poised to ban 'clean' graffiti as complaints roll in

13/10/08 Henley
New youth council to tackle graffiti

13/10/08 Weston
Graffiti 'rampage' in Weston

12/10/08 London
Graffiti gang jailed

10/10/08 Oxford
Graffiti could transform subway

08/10/08 Macclesfield
Graffiti artist draws big bucks

07/10/08 Leeds
Pensioners try graffiti art

06/10/08 Blackburn
Graffiti artist sprayed police bus in Blackburn

04/10/08 Plymouth
Two are bailed following 'graffiti warrants'

04/10/08 London
Wall stories: The funny and often beautiful world of graffiti

03/10/08 Elgin
Graves graffiti causes disgust

01/10/08 Helston
Alfresco artwork sparks plan for graffiti wall in play areas

27/09/08 York
Police take photos of tags for graffiti gallery

20/09/08 Liverpool
Graffiti-busting plan to include free removal

19/09/08 Northampton
Police to target prostitution, drugs and graffiti crimes

16/09/08 West Norfolk
War declared on West Norfolk graffiti

16/09/08 Portsmouth
Subway art makes graffiti a memory

15/09/08 Burnley
Innovative graffiti scheme launched in Burnley

15/09/08 Broxbourne
Council agrees new approach for dealing with graffiti

13/09/09 High Wycombe
Police inspect pupils' notebooks to identify graffiti culprits

12/09/08 Hythe
Graffiti is ruining our image

12/09/08 Staines
Help us catch the graffiti yobs

06/09/08 Edinburgh
Anger as popular mural is covered after graffiti attacks

06/09/08 York
War on graffiti hits public purse

05/09/08 Harwich
Graffiti artists given a free draw

01/09/08 Exeter
Something fishy going on as graffiti artists paint shop wall mural

29/08/08 Blackpool
Reward offered to catch graffiti artist

29/08/08 Dorchester
Brushing out the graffiti

28/08/08 Morpeth
Graffiti helps get message across

28/08/08 Teesdale
Youngsters learn art of graffiti

27/08/08 Edinburgh
Appeal judges fine graffiti vandal who was jailed

27/08/08 Prestwich
Fury as pensioners are told by council to clean up graffiti mess or face £1,000 fine

26/08/08 Dursley
Crackdown on graffiti vandals

26/08/08 London
Street art: Scribbles behind the wardrobe

25/08/08 Dorchester
Battling against graffiti daubers

24/08/08 Bristol
An arrest for graffiti attacks

23/08/08 Hereford
Writing on the wall for city graffiti teens

22/08/08 New York
Graffiti Tag Couple Hit Europe

22/08/08 Bristol
Graffiti artist could escape jail by painting SS Great Britain

21/08/08 London
35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti

21/08/08 Bethesda
Outrage over racist graffiti in Bethesda

15/08/08 Skye
Girls accused of obscene graffiti

15/08/08 Watford
Club's call for graffiti artists

14/08/08 Peterborough
Vandal in graffiti hit on cathedral

13/08/08 Wolverhampton
Arrest after CCTV graffiti shown

12/08/08 Bromley
Police urged to clean up act over graffiti

11/08/08 Swindon
Fury over graffiti policy u-turn

11/08/08 Stourbridge
Cops clampdown on Stourbridge graffiti 'artists'

06/08/08 Wrexham
Graffiti boards launched in Flintshire town in effort to curb vandalism

03/08/08 Winchester
Graffiti vandals target new £60k skatepark

31/07/08 High Wycombe
Graffiti tagger attacks High Wycombe

29/07/08 Nottingham
Graffiti mural unveiled by young Eastwood artists

29/07/08 Brighton
3rd Dimension Graffiti sculpture exhibition

26/07/08 Cardiff
Graffiti day in memory of teen

25/07/08 Lancaster
Police offer 100 reward to help find graffiti artist

25/07/08 Dundee
'Legal' graffiti welcomed in city

23/07/08 Oxford
Mural aims to deter graffiti

23/07/08 Manchester
Gorton residents asked to clean up graffiti

22/07/08 Kettering
Do you want to see graffiti wiped out

21/07/08 Cardiff
Graffiti wall and music to celebrate life of Bill

18/07/08 Loughborough
Graffiti Workshops in Loughborough and Charnwood

17/07/08 Bridlington
Graffiti vandal ordered to clean up his mess

Graffiti: Street art – or crime?

15/07/08 London
Graffiti loses its appeal

14/07/08 Wales
Counting the human cost of railway graffiti

14/07/08 Peterborough
Welland gets official site for graffiti artists

12/07/08 London
EastEnders graffiti artist jailed for two years

09/07/08 Lichfield
Writing’s still on wall for graffiti mess

08/07/08 Caerphilly
Graffiti workshop invite for young

08/07/08 Frome
Graffiti 'Artsibition' at Frome Festival

07/07/08 Amesbury
Graffiti project rejected

07/07/08 West Wiltshire
Pressure on to get graffiti removed

03/07/08 Stoke
Rival gangs blamed for abusive graffiti

02/07/08 Newcastle
Graffiti transforming medieval city pub

01/07/08 Dagenham
Pensioners take up graffiti

01/07/08 Loughborough
Graffiti in Loughborough and Charnwood

30/06/08 Scunthorpe
Walls 'better with graffiti'

30/06/08 Woodford Green
Traders 'victimised' over graffiti

28/06/08 Aberdeen
Graffiti artist has tough prison sentence quashed

27/06/08 Edinburgh
Graffiti man's jail term quashed

22/06/08 Winchester
Drunken graffiti artist given Asbo

20/06/08 Margate
Teenagers arrested on suspicion of graffiti totalling £32,000

20/06/08 London
Pair guilty of 'military' style graffiti operation

12/06/08 Winchester
Teen admits spate of graffiti attacks

Keep the Graffiti inside

11/06/08 Sleaford
Family left shocked after vandals graffiti their shop

10/06/08 Caerphilly
Please spray your graffiti here

10/06/08 Winchester
Teenager admits graffiti spree

10/06/08 Livingston
Hotline to support crackdown on graffiti

09/06/08 Ipswich
Search on for graffiti artist

08/06/08 Islington
Council paints over street artist Banksy's graffiti murals - worth a fortune!

08/06/08 Cricklade
Put graffiti vandals in the stocks

05/06/08 Newquay
Police arrest man in connection with graffiti

05/06/08 Peterborough
Graffiti spray suspect in assault on PCSOs

04/06/08 Loughborough
Getting to Grips with Graffiti in Loughborough?

03/06/08 York
Graffiti attacks: youths quizzed

30/05/08 York
Website used to hit graffiti yobs

29/05/08 London
BBC pays 'vandal' to graffiti Eastenders set

26/05/08 Cleveleys
Vandals told to clean off graffiti

26/05/08 Knutsford
Officials to wipe graffiti out on estate

26/05/08 Brighton
Row over calls for racist graffiti

24/05/08 London
Tate acts as blank canvas for street art

23/05/08 Hudersfield
Ground-breaking project for graffiti artists

13/05/08 Wakefield
Wakefield NPT Tackle Grasmere Graffiti

06/05/08 York
Graffiti, slime and bird mess ruining walk to railway museum

06/05/08 Edinbirgh
Joint effort to target graffiti and fly-posting

29/04/08 Bedford
Graffiti pest fined by court

26/04/08 Weymouth
Graffiti youths return

25/04/08 Scarborough
Graffiti vandals sentence 'too soft'

23/04/08 Nottingham
Public pen and paint Asbo ban for 'Smokey' the graffiti artist

23/04/08 Blackpool
Young taggers earn a ticket on graffiti bus

22/04/08 Louth
School's graffiti art project

22/04/08 Nottingham
City targets 'graffiti lovebirds'

21/04/08 Brighton
Writing on the wall for graffiti artists

21/04/08 Chelmsford
Keeping town graffiti at bay

19/04/08 Sheffield
Graffiti yobs could have to clean up mess

18/04/08 Hexham
Teenager arrested for graffiti

18/04/08 Nortwich
Beware the spread of graffiti

18/04/08 Bradford on Avon
Katy, 9, in graffiti protest

17/04/08 Bridlington
Graffiti menace admits damage

17/04/08 Brighton
Graffiti artist admits 60 tagging offences

16/04/08 Northampton
Residents seek dispersal order for park after graffiti and vandalism

15/04/08 Berkhamstead
Graffiti crack down

28/03/08 Leamington
Council to throw £30,000 at town graffiti 'blight'

27/03/08 Royston
Youngsters may get graffiti wall

27/03/08 Huddersfield
Try graffiti, it’s allowed at school!

26/03/08 Skegness
Youngsters help to clean off graffiti

26/03/08 Denham
Graffiti pair stopped

21/03/08 Preston
Graffiti hotline launched

20/03/08 Warwick
Council considers forcing firms to clean off graffiti

20/03/08 Glasgow
Graffiti vandal is jailed for 28 months

20/03/08 South Tyneside
Help us wipe out vile racist graffiti

17/03/08 Birmingam
Graffiti artists show off their style

12/03/08 Lutterworth
Schools enlisted in fight to tackle graffiti

10/03/08 Cardiff
Graffiti police arrest 15 teenagers

10/03/08 Burnley
Vandals made to remove their church graffiti

07/03/05 Peterborough
Police launch graffiti tag database

07/03/08 Swindon
Two youths arresting on suspicion of graffiti charges

05/03/08 York
Weapon to beat graffiti artists

05/03/08 London
Romantic graffiti artist jailed for amorous train tags

03/03/08 Scotland
Graffiti art classes help children learn

02/03/08 Reading
Asbo for a graffiti woman

01/03/08 Liverpool
Jordan has designs on graffiti removal

28/02/08 Southampton
Writing’s on the wall for graffiti vandals

24/02/08 Watford

Police plan to blitz graffiti

22/02/08 Harlow
CCTV idea to tackle graffiti

21/02/08 Buxton
Zero tolerance on racist graffiti

21/02/08 Sheffield
Guilty graffiti vandals have to clean up mess

18/02/08 Bolton
Man refuses to pay Council tax due to graffiti

16/02/08 Salisbury
Graffiti crackdown in Amesbury

16/02/08 Flintshire
Graffiti-busting drive launched in Flintshire

16/02/08 Amesbury
Graffiti crackdown in Amesbury

11/02/08 Woking
Town centre graffiti vandals targeted

11/02/08 Rotherham
Bid to get rid of graffiti menace

06/02/08 Peterborough
War against graffiti costing £130,000 per year

04/02/08 Manchester
Graffiti artist makes his mark

01/02/08 Ramsgate
Four arrested in graffiti crackdown

01/02/08 Cardiff
Cardiff graffiti clean-up

01/02/08 Reading
Residents living within graffiti ganglands

31/01/08 Dundee
Crackdown on graffiti 'artists'

26/01/08 Wandsworth
Council graffiti blitz "a success"

22/01/08 Toddington
'Racist' graffiti must stop, say safety campaigners

22/01/08 Brighton
Council's graffiti artists vandalise park

18/01/08 Horsham
Graffiti vandals

10/01/08 Brighouse
Graffiti wall set up

09/01/08 Edinburgh
Two jailed for anti-war graffiti

04/01/08 Cardiff
Cenotaph: Teenagers held over new attack

04/01/08 Sheffield
Graffiti policy welcomed

03/01/08 Perth
Curfew for postman over graffiti case

03/01/08 Wem
Graffiti spree may be linked to Wem car fire

31/12/07 Glasgow
Ruined in just two weeks

29/12/07 Gainsborough
Crackdown warning as graffiti clean-up launched

28/12/07 Newcastle
Metro database to track graffiti taggers

28/12/07 Beverley
Police baffled by graffiti

22/12/07 Sheffield
Anger over city graffiti contest

21/12/07 Worthing
Worthing's graffiti show

13/12/07 Evesham
Graffiti champ may have left calling card

12/12/07 Grantham
Hunt is on for graffiti vandal

12/12/07 Southwark
Railway graffiti duo up in court

11/12/07 Bromsgrove
Youth is interviewed over graffiti

11/12/07 West Midlands
CCTV catches bus graffiti vandals

11/12/07 Sutton
Tag teens jailed over train graffiti

11/12/07 Co Antrim
Graffiti blitz leads to CCTV call

10/12/07 Reading
Top cop back on the beat in Redlands

10/12/07 Swindon
That's another fine mess you've gotten us out of

07/12/07 Daventry
Police target graffiti crime

07/12/07 Portland
Parents’ anger at obscene graffiti

05/12/07 Glasgow
Best graffiti

04/12/07 Cardiff
Graffiti sprayed on charity monument

03/12/07 Bethlemhem
Graffiti artist Banksy goes to the Holy Land

03/12/07 Wigan
Graffiti artist returns to scene of the grime

29/11/07 Dunmow
Mother asks for graffiti report hotline

27/11/07 Dorchester
Graffiti clear-up begins in Poundbury

27/11/07 Driffield
Hunt for station graffiti vandal

26/11/07 London
Basquiat and Banksy to cover auction in graffiti

22/11/07 Preston
Police plea to shop graffiti vandals

21/11/07 Tring
Police hunt graffiti artists

20/11/07 Kirkintilloch
Kirkintilloch councillor calls for crackdown on graffiti

19/11/07 Reading
Posters arent the problem, graffiti is

17/11/07 Oxford
Graffiti - now catch the louts

15/11/07 Welwyn Garden City
Graffiti vandals strike

12/11/07 West Lothian
Stores caught out in sting

10/11/07 Leith
A work in progress

09/11/07 Radlett
Halloween horror of graffiti vandals

07/11/07 Swindon
Graffiti charges against boy dropped

06/11/07 Salisbury
Obscene graffiti man is sentenced

05/11/07 South Tyneside
Graffiti gangs wreck skate park

04/11/07 Oxford
Graffiti buster makes her mark

31/10/07 London
Banksy, the celebrated graffiti artist, is caught in the act for first time

29/10/07 Winsford
Graffiti artists new way to leave a mark

29/10/07 Macclesfield
Graffiti prison terms overturned

27/10/07 Leicester
Graffiti culprits get caught by own work

27/10/07 Norwich
Graffiti is eroding beauty of city

27/10/07 Oxford
Residents help war on graffiti

26/10/07 Flintshire
Anti-Welsh graffiti daubed on signs

25/10/07 London
Banksy's graffiti art sells for half a million

25/10/07 East Lothian
Graffiti attackers 'forcing me out'

24/10/07 Dorchester
Vandals target two historic sites

24/10/07 Scunthorpe
Help us if you see graffiti sprayers at work

24/10/07 London
Graffiti artist Paul killed by midnight express train

24/10/07 Preston
Ten-year-olds 'to punish peer offenders'

23/10/07 Southampton
City alleyway dubbed 'Graffiti Mile'

22/10/07 Dumfries & Galloway
Teen boys reported over graffiti

18/10/07 Merton
Parents are urged to shop graffiti artists

17/10/07 Edinburgh
Elderly war protesters may face jail over graffiti

16/10/07 Barking
Deadly dangers for graffiti 'taggers'

15/10/07 London
Take note: Artist claims that Chapmans 'stole' graffiti idea

12/10/07 Pailsey
Graffiti vandals go on rampage

11/10/07 Bolton
'Zone' town centre graffiti artist sentenced

10/10/07 Thetford
Thetford gleams after graffiti purge

07/10/07 Brighton
Art slogan mistaken for graffiti

05/10/07 Aberdeen
Police tackle spate of graffiti

05/10/07 Glastonbury
Tower's graffiti is cleaned off

03/10/07 Oxford
New powers to clear graffiti

02/10/07 Spalding
Graffiti vandalism probe: teenager arrested

29/09/07 Plymouth
Team tackling city's graffiti

29/09/07 Swindon
Council to sue graffiti vandals

29/09/07 Wycombe
Graffiti blitz

28/09/07 Leicestershire
Graffiti earns 'unique' Birstall award

27/09/07 Spalding
Name and shame the graffiti gangs

26/09/07 Bristol
New mural stops graffiti on underpass

26/09/07 Huntingdon
Graffiti artist's call as work of art in underpass is ruined

26/09/07 Thetford
Thetford launches anti-graffiti battle

24/09/07 Swindon
Council is meeting graffiti target

21/09/07 Bristol
Graffiti vandal sentenced after admitting string of offences

21/09/07 London
Top deck ban for graffiti vandal

20/09/07 Blackburn
Graffiti artist 'Orak' plagues Blackburn

20/09/07 Macclesfield
Outcry over graffiti artists' jailing gathers pace online

18/09/07 Peterborough
Community needs to look out for graffiti vandals

18/09/07 Manchester
Hundreds join graffiti protest

17/09/07 Reading
Paint ban after vehicle graffiti

14/09/07 Macclesfield
Protest over graffiti jail terms

14/09/07 Guernsey
Graffiti ‘artist’ blames a College of FE tutor

13/09/07 Cardiff
Graffiti vandal caught daubing ‘tag’ on garage

11/09/07 Middlesborough
Jail for graffiti vandals

10/09/07 Swindon
Boy, 13, denies graffiti charges

10/09/07 North East
Graffiti gang caused 180,000 of damage

08/09/07 Swindon
Graffiti vandals are shopped by their parents

06/09/07 Macclesfield
Daft burglar writes name on wall

04/09/07 Kings Lynn
Graffiti vandals told to clean up

04/09/07 Belfast
Strategy to halt Belfast graffiti

03/09/07 Brighton
This graffiti art glamorises violence

01/09/07 Manchester
Jailed graffiti pair to appeal

30/08/07 Perth
Railway 'graffiti bomber' jailed

29/08/07 Mnachester
End of line for graffiti pests

28/08/07 Norfolk
Graffiti offenders meet victims

22/08/07 Edinburgh
New stencil graffiti craze is making its mark in city

22/08/07 Dagenham
Graffiti vandal pays thousands for damage

17/08/07 Burham-on-Sea
Poster campaigns tackle anti-social behaviour in Burnham-On-Sea

17/08/07 Swindon
Graffiti taggers caught on camera

15/08/07 Orkney
Graffiti daubed at historic site

15/08/07 Peterborough
Graffiti mess is blighting town streets

11/08/07 Renfrewshire
Graffiti vandals ‘tagged’ by website

10/08/07 London
Rock princess Kelly leads music babes at graffiti art exhibition

10/08/07 Peterborough
Police hunt for graffiti yobbo Robo

09/08/07 Lisburn
Writing on the wall for offenders after graffiti attacks

09/08/07 Hemel Hempstead
Fury at graffiti vandals over 'despicable' act

07/08/07 Perth
Graffiti bomber gets a reprieve

07/08/07 London
MP backs graffiti bill

06/08/07 Redbridge
Stopping the graffiti scourge

04/08/07 Plymouth
Uni student graffiti vandals to pay for crime

01/08/07 Islington
Kids given classes in graffiti

01/08/07 Barrow
Graffiti maniac strikes 32 times

31/07/07 Southend
I want graffiti wipes out

30/07/07 Lewes
Vandals targeted by police graffiti crackdown

26/07/07 Exmouth
Spree of graffiti

19/07/07 Paisley
Hit squad target graffiti artists

19/07/07 London
Graffiti class to keep kids off street

16/07/07 Debden
Four teenagers questioned over graffiti

14/07/07 Weymouth
Graffiti to be cleared by offenders

11/07/07 Solihull
Yob confesses to 50 graffiti 'tags' a day

09/07/07 Llangollen
Exhibition of wartime graffiti

04/07/07 Perth
Man guilty of "graffiti-bombing"

03/07/07 Weymouth
Bid to combat drug use and graffiti in Weymouth

01/07/07 Glasgow
Police to put graffiti yobs in the picture

01/07/07 Lancashire
Graffiti yobs target village

28/06/07 Shipston
Spate of graffiti is brought to an end

26/06/07 Plymouth
Cut out stencil graffiti

24/06/07 London
Graffiti-busters patrol the South Bank

23/06/07 Croydon
Graffiti raid

22/06/07 Preston
Teen graffiti vandals arrested

21/06/07 Pewsey
Boy makes public apology for graffiti

20/06/07 Bolton
Bid to catch graffiti "taggers"

19/06/07 Glasgow
Graffiti vandals threaten future of football club

Belfast graffiti artist hunted by four European police forces

15/06/07 ~Solihull
Graffiti yobs targeted in dawn raid

14/06/07 Camden
Mystery of the anti-graffiti Pink Painter

12/06/07 Peterborough
Litter and graffiti cleared in revitalisation launch

12/06/07 Wokingham
Filmmakers have graffiti documentary in the can

09/06/07 Ipswich
East Anglian rail company spends thousands cleaning up graffiti

08/06/07 Milton Keynes
Teenagers drawn to graffiti art workshops

08/06/07 Oxford
Plea to clear graffiti from eyesore pavilion

08/06/07 Solihull
Payback time for graffiti kids

08/06/07 Manchester
Graffiti boy escapes jailing

07/06/07 Leeds
Train graffiti artist avoids jail

06/06/07 Redbridge
Shops pay price for graffiti

06/06/07 Bristol
Neighbourhood cop tracks down graffiti vandal

06/06/07 Cambridge
Disgust at graffiti in new play area

31/05/07 Doncaster
Pupils get ready to do battle with graffiti taggers

30/05/07 USA
Hi-tech tool tracks city graffiti

29/05/07 Swindon
Shop owner praises graffiti art

29/05/07 Swindon
Graffiti reporting by text message

29/05/07 Waltham Forest
Fears that graffiti could get out of hand

28/05/07 Swindon
Children join in war on graffiti

25/05/07 Blackpool
Hip hop showcase with 'live' graffiti

23/05/07 Weston-super-Mare
On-line confessions of graffiti artist

23/05/07 Wrexham
Boys' graffiti spree inspired by video game

22/05/07 Chippenham
New crackdown on graffiti

18/05/07 London
Bansky graffiti makes a (cash) point

18/05/07 Bournemouth
Graffiti sprayer is living the high life

17/05/07 Norwich
Tackling our graffiti problems

16/05/07 Birstall
Mural on cricket pavillion to deter vandals

15/05/07 Ayrshire
Graffiti facelift for historic castle

14/05/07 Kenilworth
Two held over graffiti attacks

05/05/07 Hastings
£250,000 fishing boat hit in graffiti spree

04/05/07 Bridgnorth
Graffiti vandals face fine

02/05/07 Bristol
Graffiti warning after artist breaks back

29/04/07 Swindon
Graffiti artist's work costs dear

28/04/07 Swindon
Eighteen taggers are held in graffiti crackdown

27/04/07 York
Prolific graffiti artist targeted in police crackdown

26/04/07 Yatton
Bid to expose graffiti artists

24/04/07 Dalton
Graffiti art projected on to Dalton Castle by cops

24/04/07 Preston
Graffiti clean up

23/04/07 London
Banksy mural obliterated by graffiti removal team

21/04/07 Glasgow
Graffiti can be cool

20/04/07 Waverley
Street art’s let out of the can

20/04/07 Soliull
Graffiti drive is going nationwide

19/04/07 Reading
Asbo to prevent teenager from carrying graffiti tools

19/04/07 Worthing
Reward offered for sprayer of Worthing's racist graffiti

18/04/07 Enfield
Graffiti artists wreck bridge

17/04/07 Wiltshire
Graffiti taggers risk lives on railway

16/04/07 Norwich
Eco campaigner's graffiti plan

15/04/07 Essex
Graffiti kids cop trouble

13/04/07 York
York’s off the wall graffiti

12/04/07 Worthing
Reward over anti-Islamic graffiti

11/04/07 Dundee
City blitz on graffiti under way

11/04/07 Swindon
The graffiti yobs are on the run

09/04/07 Burnham on Sea
Police order boy, 5, to stop chalking hopscotch 'graffiti' on the street

07/04/07 Weymouth
RSPB shelter is hit by graffiti vandals

07/04/07 Swindon
'Graffiti Terror' aged 13 held in dawn swoop

04/04/07 Leamington
Graffiti menace needs tackling in North Leamington

03/04/07 Edinburgh
Graffiti is not always bad thing

31/03/07 Sheffield
Bid to stop vandalism and graffiti

26/03/07 Edinburgh
You'll have had your graffiti say well-to-do vandals

26/03/07 Cambridge
Vandals daub graffiti through village

24/03/07 Tower Hamlets
Graffiti-busters make their mark

23/03/07 Peterborough
Former graffiti pest does the ride thing

22/03/07 Sudbury
Gran gives graffiti the big brush-off

22/03/07 Reading
The battle to free us from the scourge of graffiti

21/03/07 Swindon
Giving a focus for the graffiti artists

18/03/07 Bristol
For the Gauguin of graffiti it was all about tagging. Now he's into six-figure price tags

16/03/07 London
When graffiti is art: a guide for cleaners

15/03/07 Chippenham
Graffiti gang caught

14/03/07 Yorkshire
Drive targets graffiti artists

13/03/07 Peterborough
Vandal leaves his 'tag' on three-mile trail of graffiti

12/03/07 Bridgnorth
Police action to stop graffiti

12/03/07 Wanstead
Graffiti cleaned up

10/03/07 Norwich
City suffers spate of graffiti attacks

07/03/07 Bristol
Graffiti removal team sparks panic at Banksy mural

07/03/07 Kent
'Clean up' teen jailed for graffiti

07/03/07 Edgware
Boy, 13, faces graffiti charges

06/03/07 Bury St Edmunds
Anger at graffiti

06/03/07 Redditch
Tag clues to graffiti vandals

05/03/07 Reading
Grass up graffiti taggers for cash

05/03/07 Kent
Graffiti vandal leaves £45,000 clean-up bill

03/03/07 Wansbeck
Council planning graffiti blitz

02/03/07 Liverpool
Artists who left £40,000 graffiti trail may face jail

02/03/07 Whitby
Police to clamp down on graffiti blighting the area


28/02/07 Barrow-In-Furness
Vandals daub graffiti over high school walls

28/02/07 Great Northern Railway
Graffiti wiped out in mile-long rail blitz

27/02/07 Epping Forest
Youths arrested over graffiti spree

26/02/07 Barnsley
Wardens to fight graffiti in regeneration area

26/02/07 Scarborough
Graffiti vandals risk lives

26/02/07 Swindon
£250,000 set aside for graffiti clean-up

24/02/07 Newcastle
Graffiti on sale in gallery - is it right?

23/02/07 London
Graffiti artist died on tracks

22/02/07 Biggleswade
Graffiti gets the message across

22/02/07 Bedworth
Graffiti teenager given a ticking off

22/02/07 Barking
"Ad-Wraps" graffiti contest

22/02/07 Hillingdon
Dedicated anti-graffiti police officer for Hillingdon

22/02/07 Didcot
Police plea over racist graffiti

21/02/07 North Devon
Memorial graffiti angers villagers

17/02/07 Carlisle
Vandals daub mosque with racist graffiti

16/02/07 Burnley
Friends' graffiti wall tribute to Sean

16/02/07 London
Graffiti yob jumped on to moving train

15/02/07 Reading
'We will stamp out the graffiti vandals'

15/02/07 Kenilworth
Vandals take graffiti into countryside

15/02/07 Sheffield
Graffiti artist gets gallery exhibition

14/02/07 Hemel Hempstead
Graffiti project puts street art in spotlight

14/02/07 Sheffield
Graffiti artist Simon now on gallery walls

13/02/07 Blackheath
Graffiti is 'costing my livelihood'

10/02/07 York
Graffiti given the brush off

09/02/07 Sheffield
Plea to catch youths in purge on graffiti

07/02/07 Portishead
Shop owners urged to report graffiti attacks

06/02/07 Peterborough
Warning to city's graffiti vandals

06/02/07 South Tyneside
Cleaning up chewing gum and graffiti costs £350 a day

05/02/07 Aylesbury
Aylesbury police turn their attention to graffiti

05/02/07 Peterborough
Graffiti spree sparks action call by ex-judge

02/02/07 Hamstead
Young and posh: graffiti vandals from Hampstead

02/02/07 Dundee
Artist defends ‘graffiti’ mural

01/02/07 Carmarthenshire
'Save good subway graffiti' plea

01/02/07 York
Businesses encouraged to sign up to campaign to fight graffiti

27/01/07 Redbridge
New graffiti clampdown branded 'unfair'

26/01/07 Paddington
Stolen Banksy graffiti on eBay

26/01/07 Basildon
Council graffiti cleaning charges are unfair - retailers claim

25/01/07 Sheffield
Graffiti artists' work on show

25/01/07 Ilford
Graffiti lad: Why I quit the tag team

25/01/07 Droitwich
Police in graffiti crackdown

24/01/07 Prestatyn
Prestatyn men arrested over graffiti

24/01/07 Hull
Graffiti daubers made to clean up flats

24/01/07 Hillingdon
Art project engages potential graffiti vandals

23/01/07 Livingston
Cook tribute falls prey to American graffiti tag

23/01/07 Falkirk
Graffiti scheme set for extension

22/01/07 Ipswich
Rumpus over graffiti removal payment

22/01/07 Preston
Parents 'shamed' into stopping graffiti thugs

18/01/07 Swindon
‘Help catch the graffiti criminals’

18/01/07 Barking
Graffiti project to be expanded following deaths

18/01/07 Leamington Spa
Residents want graffiti problem tackled

16/01/07 Barking
Family appeal over 'risky' graffiti tributes

16/01/07 London
Art sales: graffiti comes in from the cold

15/01/07 Aylesbury
Anger at graffiti vandalism

15/01/07 Barking
Tube 'graffiti mission' death pair named

15/01/07 Barking
Train death graffiti 'gang' ran from guards

13/01/07 New Malden
Graffiti shows council ‘not caring about young’

12/01/07 Solihull
Graffiti yobs' clean sweep

11/01/07 Ilford
Graffiti vandal tagged

10/01/07 Newhaven
Hunt on for graffiti vandals

09/01/07 Wycombe
Graffiti vandals run riot on Rye

09/01/07 Perth
Anger as graffiti of Aboriginal god spreads to city

09/01/07 Gateshead
The G Word brings cutting edge graffiti to Baltic Arts Centre

08/01/07 Watford
Graffiti fighting scheme praised

08/01/07 Scarborough
Gardens attacked by graffiti vandals

05/01/07 Norwich
Turning graffiti into an art form

05/01/07 Portsmouth
Offenders' work helps cut graffiti

05/01/07 Suffolk
Teachers in search for graffiti vandals

04/01/07 Denbigshire
Anti-graffiti street murals trial

03/01/07 Clitheroe
A major crackdown on graffiti vandals is under way

02/01/07 Preston
Graffiti artists could be counting sheep

30/12/06 York
York targets graffiti in city clean-up

28/12/06 Portishead
New Year's resolve to clean up town

28/12/06 Swindon
Here's the kind of graffiti we like...

28/12/06 Camden
Tube graffiti guerrillas leave greetings and a bill

27/12/06 Newcastle
Why the writing is on the wall for the graffiti louts

24/12/06 Watford
Graffiti artist pleads guilty

23/12/06 Taunton
Graffiti art white out

22/12/06 Newcastle
Crackdown on graffiti hooligans

21/12/06 Wigan
Graffiti vandals targeted in festive clampdown

20/12/06 London
Christmas crackdown on train graffiti

20/12/06 Bridlington
Volunteers work together to paint over graffiti

20/12/06 Mansfield
Hunt for graffiti vandals

19/12/06 West Lothian
Vandals deface tribute to Robin Cook with graffiti

19/12/06 Highworth
Outrage over a youngster's spraying spree

16/12/06 Swindon
Rotherhams 'Streetpride' project may be adopted by Swindon

14/12/06 London
PSP graffiti viral marketing

13/12/06 Swindon
Graffiti hits Swindon Old Town

12/12/06 Warwickshire
Police track graffiti taggers

11/12/16 Manchester
Graffiti: Things are getting verse

08/12/06 Milton Keynes
Graffiti artist admits 90 offences

07/12/06 Norwich
City's litter and graffiti charter

06/12/06 Dagenham
Payback time for criminals

06/12/06 Portishead
Rapid response to clean graffiti

06/12/06 Ramsbottom
Councillor wants convicts to paint over graffiti

06/12/06 Coronation Street
Norris spots the graffiti artist

05/12/06 Kirklees
Bullying graffiti

04/12/06 Swindon
In the grip of a graffiti epidemic

02/12/06 London
Banksy Pokes Fun At Jackson

01/12/06 London
'Sloe' graffiti vandal sent to jail

01/12/06 Berkhamstead
Graffiti spurs £500 reward

30/11/06 Calne
Councillor opens shop named 'Tag'

30/11/06 London
Bus anti-crime unit triples graffiti arrest rate

30/11/06 Wolverhampton
£250k graffiti clean-up bill

28/11/06 Spalding
Civil action against convicted offender encouraged

24/11/06 Christchurch
Graffiti removal scheme likely to be extended

23/11/06 North Berwick
Graffiti menace is 'out of control'

20/11/06 Worthing
Man arrested over racist graffiti

20/11/06 Brighton
Car Park gets ‘award’ for its ugly graffiti

17/11/06 Alnwick
Vandals target historic buildings in Alnwick

16/11/06 Reading
Graffiti vandals cause £500,000 damage in three weeks

15/11/06 Hemel Hempstead
Graffiti site to offer online alternative

15/11/06 Greenwich
Graffiti blitzing prisoner scheme

14/11/06 Epsom & Ewell
Housing estate mounts clean-up blitz

12/11/06 Worthing
Graffiti blights Armistace Day

10/11/06 Solihull
Let's combat graffiti yobs

09/11/06 Swindon
Warden Becky is streets ahead

09/11/06 Loscoe
Memorial hit by graffiti protest

06/11/06 Ilford
'Blank canvas' to trap graffiti vandals

06/11/06 Belfast
Furious councillor hits out at racist graffiti in south Belfast

06/11/06 West Berkshire
Graffiti removal scheme hailed a success

03/11/06 Leeds
Time for residents to 'shop' graffiti vandals

02/11/06 Bridlington
New graffiti wall at Emmanuel Church

02/11/06 Burnham-On-Sea
National Trust starts clean up after graffiti vandals hit fort

02/11/06 Ilford
Plea to rub out graffiti menace

31/10/06 Loudwater
Veterans' fury over graffiti

30/10/06 Cambridge
Police seek to wipe out costly graffiti

29/10/06 Letchworth
Underpass graffiti gets colourful brush-off

27/10/06 Dagenham
Concrete canvas given to graffiti artists

26/10/06 Spalding
Slapped wrist for graffiti pest

26/10/06 Dundee
Graffiti art to deter vandalism

26/10/06 Stevenage
Graffiti attack on mosque

25/10/06 London
Graffiti artist Banksy breaks own auction record

25/10/06 Spalding
Police initiative bids to use graffiti artists' skills

24/10/06 Preston
Pupils look for ways to reform their home

23/10/06 Edinburgh
Graffiti art classes aim to put the can on vandalism curses

20/10/06 UK
Graffiti artist, Banksy, sells at record prices

18/10/06 Milton Keynes
City may lose one of two graffiti busters

18/10/06 Barry
Joint initiative working to clear graffiti

15/10/06 Warwickshire
Graffiti can be called Art - the view of Leonni (14 years old)

12/10/06 Kenilworth
Lessons in 'graffiti art' under fire

12/10/06 Hitchen
Graffti hits new skateboard park

10/10/06 Bishops Lydeard
Offenders to clean up graffiti

09/10/06 Middlesborough
Anti-Muslim graffiti daubed on Catholic family's home

06/10/06 Worcester Park
Keeping it clean on graffiti blitz day

06/10/06 Ilford
Graffiti war hots up at rail station

06/10/06 Darlington
Police turn to schools as search for graffiti artist intensifies

06/10/06 Wandsworth
Rich rewards offered by council to people who identify graffiti vandals

05/10/06 Lewisham
'Tag' gallery published to help identify vandals

05/10/06 Basingstoke
Proposals to change graffiti service provision

04/10/06 Bromley
Graffiti busting pensioner wins Respect Award

04/10/06 Wakefield
Nicked for cleaning up graffiti!

02/10/06 Blackpool
Blackpool park becomes gallery for graffiti 'art'

30/09/06 Manchester
Graffiti 'artist' faces five years in jail

28/09/06 Blackburn
Hunt on for 'NG' graffiti vandal

28/09/06 Watford
Graffiti is a 'never-ending problem'

22/09/06 Manchester
Graffiti artist films himself spraying train

22/09/06 Belfast
Graffiti vandals being written off

12/09/06 Croydon and Orpington
Two get eighteen months and two years for graffiti damage

15/06/06 Swindon
Graffiti-busting charter has been signed between a council and major utility companies

06/04/06 UK
New powers to issue on the spot fines for graffiti offenders

01/03/06 Macclesfield
Macclesfield launches 'Shop a Tagger' scheme

19/01/06 Brighton
Brighton graffiti vandal gets jail

19/09/05 Camden
Fly posting boss ordered to pay for his ASBO

22/08/05 Brighton
First offence graffiti tagger punished with a prison sentence

08/04/05 UK
Bill to clean up our neighbourhoods becomes law